On May 21, the Louis vuitton: creative emotion art grand opening in Hong Kong. Including a series of LV precious antique trunk and epoch-making bag, over the years the classic series of cross-border cooperation, and four in the field Authentic louis vuitton handbags of art and literature creation for LV directed their ten minutes of the original story short splendid appearance. Europe and the United States and China art exhibition also attracted many famous works. Group of high-level and takashi murakami, Frank Gehry, artist tan star Simon yam, kiki couple, ballet and international supermodel art Authentic louis vuitton handbags for cheap sale celebrities such as Philip Huang also appeared in the venue, hand in photograph reflect with elegant works of art.
Louis vuitton as usual, the creative director Marc Jacobs in Scotland plaid skirt brand clothing, wearing LV2009-2010 qiu dong series cheung latest Biseta hand in hand, send out a elegant charm. LV Pacific President Jean - Baptiste Debains and global President Yves Carcelle (right).
Ballet dancer tan and international Authentic louis vuitton handbags supermodel Philip Huang.
The Monogram service smiling face cherry made into models of Cherries
Contemporary Japanese artist takashi murakami, successfully injected Kawaii touch to the French luxury brand. Exhibits include takashi murakami composed by a series of 3 years for LV since the panda, the cherry blossoms and camouflage Monogram service pattern, and the lovely doll model, giant graphics and video, will become fans of focus.
Richard Prince trademark cartoon embroidered on the bag
08 year chun xia, Marc brother contemporary artist Richard Prince, cooperation with the United States, the cartoon and fade Monogram service Louis vuitton handbags. Prince also is known for his photographs remake creation, now used to package gallery walls "After Dark" is a classic example.
Louis vuitton Stephen Sprouse X
Famous American graffiti, 01 Marc brother cooperation with Sprouse roses and graffiti series, unfortunately died in 4 years; Exhibits in addition to the familiar roses and graffiti, also exhibited Sprouse hand-painted design and fashion design.
Art + fashion + architecture album content exposure
Close relationship, if you want to know more about Authentic louis vuitton handbags and Art in September issue of the Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture "album, and then detailed (brand and different cooperation and exchanges in the field of Art achievements, and on the contemporary Art design development to promote role. Cover is from takashi murakami, selection of content for "Louis vuitton and art" of exposure and in celebration of the exhibition, also Authentic louis vuitton handbags for cheap sale pioneered by flagship stores, Tsim Sha Tsui set limit to 500.