Most of Chinese stars like Louis vuitton, a paparazzi candid, what ever carry LV bag. There's an old port of Hong Kong star high transferring, some journalists do interviews, on the trolley is ten to all kinds of LV bag. I think she is pain v. LiQing is false, show her LV is true.
Hong Kong writer yi shu once wrote a novel, say have a super-rich house a guest, found the home what things are no longer new, to comfort, vice huang on the wall paintings are ordinary frame, do not look do not know valuable, real money and real beautiful performance is the same about it - just don't think you rich or beautiful. So the real will dress fashion clue is not the spread their LOGO in publicity things very fake louis vuitton lv bags anxious to tell the louis vuitton discount bags world I have the money! But my friend COCO immediately jumped out, she is a fan of Louis vuitton handbags, austerity also want to buy LV. Her reason, Louis vuitton has good points, one is a good match, with also unconsciously when motion wind, evening with also feel right, utilization high; Second, the people know, the price is expensive, is a brief explanation of the identity and status. She asked me, "don't you know that Louis vuitton there is a subtext? That is: the old (L) children very (V), so that many women will be LV, buy into the ark of the LV, take out SHOPPING when the earthquake live SALES that snobbery, stimulation of the eye, put in the home and can be protected. Really don't like, you can also quietly called second-hand shops, five years ago that only limited edition prices have tripled, you don't said wei wei?"
Both fashion taste and appearance of high value for collection of international luxury brand Louis Vuitton watches series, it is a beautiful area arc, showily shiny body, top craftsmen, fine design style, with a classical flavor, the Louis Vuitton the old brand of luxury performance incisively and vividly.
LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTON debut 18 k gold stainless steel bimetal Tambour wrist watch. Like the rays of the effect of silver dial with gold material, soft luster and metallic. This series of wrist watch made its debut in Marco Polo Luo Dongfang hotel fake louis vuitton boutique shop reopen before. There are three models: this series wrist watch ms GMT, timing wrist watch and watch, all equipped with distinguished fully automatic movement.
Ms Tambour diving watches
Ms tambour diving watches combine masterly craft and female charm, is the best choice for modern day company.
Swiss-made, 5 years warranty, dial 35 mm in louis vuitton discount bags diameter, lv bags stainless steel case, silver dial, white monogram service embossed rubber strap, quartz movement, diving function: unidirectional rotation outer ring attached diving time display, waterproof depth of 100 meters, sapphirine crystal, antireflection coating, luminous dial and pointer, date column is equipped with a magnifying glass.
The elegant and attractive smell of wrist watch is permeated with monogram service! Swiss-made, 5 years warranty, dial 28 mm in diameter, stainless steel casing, a diamond-encrusted surface of violet, red logo leather strap, quartz movement, water, lv bags 100 meters, louis vuitton discount bags sapphire glass, has the antireflection coating. Tambour, Lovely Perle wrist watch
This small tambour quartz watches white mother-of-pearl dial with monogram service floral ornament, design amorous feelings and pure and fresh and rich women. Swiss-made, 5 years warranty, watchcase 28 mm in diameter, louis vuitton discount bags stainless steel casing, white mother-of-pearl dial, white alligator leather strap, quartz movement, waterproof as deep as 100 meters, the sapphire glass table mirror.